Controlling, Planning, Mapping, and Organizing

From a navigational point of view, Trail Orienteering differs in three ways from conventional Orienteering:

The implications of this were covered at the inaugural IOF Controllers' Clinic. in 1999. Subsequent clinics have been held in 2001 and 2004, 2005 and 2006. The IOF Trail O Committee has since decided that the elite Trail O mapping standards presented at the Clinic should be adopted for all Trail O maps where possible.

There are also examples of a couple of controls discussed at the clinic - Day1 e10 and Day2 e2.

Another example from Strinesdale permanent course, showing how the correct answer can vary with small movements of the viewing position.

Twenty one detailed examples from two courses in the USA are also here

We also have examples from the 2000 World Cup Ukraine stages, supplied by Alexandr Murzin: day 1 map(455kB), day 1 solutions(327kB), day 2 map(630kB), day 2 solutions(395kB).

For Organisers

A suggested instruction sheet for helpers (workers) at Championship events is here. One for those officials concerned with calculating results is here.

Some guidance for Trail O Event Advisers including an indication of how different nationalities have different cultural ways of deciding matters is here


A pdf image of a suggested Trail O Control card is here. You will need Acrobat Reader to view it.

Event Information - Bulletins

For examples of event Bulletins go to then 'events' and pick a WTOC from the table of IOF events. These will provide a good basis for your own event, including the registration and accommodation forms. The Trail O Rules give the timing for issuing such information and the information required.

Particularly for planners - a note on calculating course times is here

A note on how to make and provide solution sheets is here

Guidelines on Swedish Pre O (which differs in a few respects from Trail O) are here in PDF format. They contain many useful diagrams and explanations.

An example of an Excel file of results for a 2009 event, with shading showing wrong answers, is given here

An Excel file of the Day 1 and combined Day1&2 results of the 2004 European Trail O Championship event (with two timed controls) is here. Instructions for changing entries to ranked results are given in red at the bottom of the sheet. An Excel file of the one day BTOC 2005 results, with three timed controls, is here. Note that in this one, the ranked results are on sheet 2 and the entries are intact on sheet 1. You will need Microsoft Excel to open them and adapt them to your own event. If you just want to view the file, get a free viewer at

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