Brian Parker (GBR)

This Clinic is about:

This is the second such clinic, the first having been held in Scotland in 1999.

Although trail orienteering was developed as a terrain recognition and map reading activity for disabled orienteers, it has great potential, at elite level, to appeal to all orienteers.

At this elite level it can be an extremely testing and enjoyable mental exercise, exploring a whole range of different terrain recognition problems. To be so it has to be fair.

It is easy to set trail orienteering problems which are hard because they are unfair and the answers involve guesswork. It requires considerably more skill to set problems which are both fair and difficult, and the answers involve analysis and logical thinking.

It is the Controller's duty to guide and advise the Mapper and Planner to achieve the aim of testing and fair courses.

The Clinic and these course notes are structured as follows:

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