The following items are attached to the course documentation prepared for the Clinic. They resulted from experience with the competition and discussion in the Clinic itself.

Selection of Control Sites

This process needs good visibility when first planning.

In foot orienteering it is recommended that the controlling of courses and control sites should take place at the same time of year as the competition, so that the seasonal vegetation can be assessed for competition conditions.

This may not the best arrangement in trail orienteering where vegetation can be cut and cleared around control sites to give acceptable visibility. It may be preferable to view potential control sites at a time of year when the seasonal vegetation is less obscuring.

Route choice

In those terrains where route choice is possible between control sites, it is to be encouraged by the Planner.

This does not change the competitive element of the courses, but may add to their general quality.

Compass bearings

The recommendation that competitors are not expected to estimate bearings to better than 5 degrees applies to both the use of the compass on the map and for sighting in the terrain.

Since these two actions are both required for control sites where the marker flag positions can be decided by compass use only, the marker flags should be separated in angle by not less than 10 degrees.

For control sites where the compass is not essential, the marker flags may be located closer together in bearing, but not so close as to change order across the viewing window.

Brian Parker
Aug 2001

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