The purpose of this clinic is to assist with the licensing of IOF Controllers for the controlling of international trail orienteering competitions up to and including World Championships.

Licensing is carried out by the IOF Rules Commission (formerly the Event Standards Committee).

Submissions of individuals for licensing are made to the Rules Commission by the IOF Trail Orienteering Committee.

Submissions of individuals for licensing are made to the Trail Orienteering Committee by National Federations.

To be considered for licensing an applicant must demonstrate a wide understanding of and ability in elite trail orienteering, have successful experience of controlling at national level, and have attended an IOF Controllers' Clinic. In exceptional circumstances the Trail Orienteering Committee may consider equivalent training and experience.

The IOF Controllers' Clinics so far conducted consist of two days of world class competition followed by classroom instruction. Prospective controllers are required to compete in the two days of competition. This serves two purposes; to gain first hand competitive experience of the control problems set by the Planner and which form the basis for the classroom instruction, and to demonstrate ability by scoring well in the competition.

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